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Reconstructing Broken Lives – Job Readiness work experience Training Program:
ABBA Leadership Center Job Readiness Work Experience Training Program (JRWETP) for hard to employ men and women throughout the Village of Hempstead and surrounding communities. This program provides entry level on-the job training work experience for hard to employ men and women in the construction trades throughout Nassau County.  Over the last seven-plus years, Working with local Construction companies, local businesses and community-based agencies ABBA has provided hundreds of local residents with jobs and job readiness training.

We provide Job readiness training and Job retention/ life skills workshops:

  • Periodic OSHA training/work ethic workshops
  • Paid work experience and paid youth/adult internship programs
  • Job placement advocacy
  • Job retention coaching
  • Jobs and Small Businesses Referral Center (JSBRC)
    As of October 2013 ABBA Leadership Center was appointed the official Consultant for the Village of Hempstead Jobs and Small Businesses for RDUA 2.5 billion dollars redevelopment of Downtown Hempstead.

    Duties include:
  • Jobs Training and referrals
  • Setting up Jobs and Small Business Referral Center at publicly accessible location in the Village of Hempstead
  • Pre-screen intake assessment of Job Seekers
  • Skills assessment of Job Seekers for placement on RDUA Redevelopment project
  • Create publicly accessible Data tracking system of Jobs Seekers
  • Educate and inform the community of JSBFC
  • Establish work relationship with known Construction training program
  • Place and tracking Job Seekers progression of job sites
  • Monthly report of JSBFC progress
  • Act as Job placement liaison between Job Seeker and RDUA Constructors


  • Transitional Post Release Services for Ex-offenders
  • Re-release Pre-screening assessment for detainees in Nassau County Jail
  • Post release follow-up services and placement
  • One-on-one Jail visitations
  • Pre and Post release mentoring
  • Family and community mediation
  • Post release Job placement and job referrals
  • Court advocacy

Rev. Reginald Benjamin is a member of the Nassau County Council of Black Clergy which products two religious services every first third and fifth Sunday of the month.

Our goal is not to just conduct religious services but to equip and prepare men and women for a successful post-release transition back into communities after completion jail/prison incarceration. The number issue to successful reintegration back into the community is Jobs and post release reentry services, such as housing, parole/probation adjustment, drugs and alcohol avoidance, re-socialization adjustment, family reconciliation and community relations building.

Much has been said about mass incarceration and the devastating impact it has had on community color. Yet, no one has or articulated how to address the psychological, emotional or socio-economically devastation this has had on people who suffered from the over-criminalization of relatively minor offenses. There has been not attention given to destruction mass incarceration has had on families and children of incarcerated loved one.

Annual Mother’s Day Appreciation Program:

For the last twelve years, ABBA Leadership Center in partnership with the local faith-based organization, community-based agencies, and local businesses host an annual pre-mother’s day celebration targeting struggling. Hurting, single-parent mothers and grandmothers. This outreach program offers hope, encouragement, and self-value to mothers struggling to hold families together. Each event culminates with an inspirational message my well-know spiritual leaders from the local community. Bethlehem of Judea Church is converted into a virtual banquet hall providing mothers with:

  • A free three-course dinner
  • A Free Gospel concert
  • Free flowers
  • Free Mother’s day gifts bags for each mother
  • Inspirational speakers
  • Poetry, dance, and spoken words


Since 2005 ABBA Leadership, in partnership with churches, Community-based organizations and local businesses have annually given away up to 1000 Backpacks filled with school supplies to children of struggling families throughout the Village of Hempstead and surrounding communities. In particular, 46% of children living in the Village of Hempstead are impoverished. Additionally, 64% families in Hempstead are economically disadvantaged, with one of the lowest graduation rates in the State of New York.

It is common knowledge that lack of education and education opportunities is the one contributor to poverty. Lack of education is a prime of disaffected children involvement in the anti-social culture of gang violence, drugs, crime and eventual entanglement in the criminal Justice system (85% of youth 16 through 24 in the criminal Justice system lack a high school diploma).

Lack of education lead to a lack of employment and increase poverty. Poverty in poor economically disadvantaged communities is multi-generational and can be directly linked to poor or lack of education and/or educational opportunities. ABBA Leadership Center, in collaboration with partnering agencies, takes a multifaceted comprehensive approach to addressing poverty in poor under-served communities. Providing impoverish children with school supplies give them a leg up in their struggles to get an education. We have all heard stories of school teachers having to spend personal monies to buy school supplies for kids in under-served communities.


Thanksgiving Day, For many of us this is one of our most coveted holiday seasons; a time to bring our families and loved ones together, and time a to reaffirm family-hood. And yes, Nassau County is a beautiful, mostly middle class community, with all of its immaculate manicured lawns and tree-lined streets, one would be hard pressed to believe that right in the middle of our abundances there are people  going hungry, not knowing where their next meal will come from; for them thanksgiving is a time of quiet desperation.

To combat this, for the last 10-plus years, ABBA Leadership Center, in partnership with local churches, businesses, and like minded people, has given away hundred of Thanksgiving baskets replete with a turkey and enough side dishes to feed an average family of four.

Last year we gave out hundreds of thanksgiving baskets, and this year, God’s willing, with an ever-increasing number of people asking for food, we fully expect to exceed that number. But we cannot do it without your help, please consider helping us feed the hungry. Here is what the bible says: Jesus said,


We all know children are a gift from God and are to be cherished and cared for because they are the heritage of our heavenly father. Many of us are equally thankful and excited with anticipation of the upcoming Christmas holiday. For it gives us an opportunity to express our gratefulness to God and friends through the gift of giving. Yes, how excited many of us must be in anticipation of Christmas Day!

Sadly, there are many fatherless children from low-income/poor hurting communities far less excited than many of us are. They are children that spend year after year idly languishing in melancholy praying and hoping that they won’t be overlooked this holiday season of Christmas joy.

For the last eleven years now ABBA and friends have been a small ray hope for these children through our Annual Christmas Gifts Drive. This year, with your help, we want to continue our Godly motivated efforts to these children by providing them with a Christmas gift. More importantly, we want them to know that they are not forgotten, that God heard their prayers.

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