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ABBA Leadership Center (ALC)

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ABBA Leadership Center (ALC)

ABBA Leadership Center (ALC) is the official Consultant for the Village of Hempstead Jobs and Small Business Referral Center which identify and pre-screen men and women for construction and related work on the highly anticipated redevelopment of Downtown Hempstead. Over the last several years ABBA Leadership Center has instrumental in help residents of Hempstead find entry level jobs in the construction industry. ALC has also provided free OSHA training and work experience placement for hundreds of men and women through the Village of Hempstead.

ABBA Leadership Center Job Readiness Work Experience Training Program target hard-to-employ men and women, placing them in job Readiness work experience training programs throughout Nassau County.

ALC hosts a series of workshops training men and women on work ethics and job retention life skills. Putting hard-to-employ men and women to work is a public safety issue, reducing crime and violence in the poor underserved community.

abbaleadershipABBA Leadership Center (ALC)

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