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On Saturday August 26, 2017 ABBA Leadership Center will be hosting its 12thAnnual Back-to-School Backpack/supplies give-away Celebration to support disadvantaged poverty stricken children. The purpose of ABBA’s Annual back-to-School backpack drive is to highlight the importance of an education and to carry out the Lord’s command concerning the poor. We target low-income children of struggling families within the Village of Hempstead and its surrounding communities of Roosevelt, Freeport, Westbury, Uniondale and Baldwin. We believe, with our partners, we can provide up to 1000 at-risk children and youth with free backpacks filled with necessary school supplies.

HELP US HELP OUR CHILDREN: A financial donation of $50 will provide a backpack for one child, a $100 will provide backpacks for two, $200 for four, $500 for ten children, $1000 will provide backpacks for twenty and $5000 will provide backpacks to over one hundred children.


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  • abbaleadership - June 16, 2017

    Our annual back-to-school backpacks give-away drive inspires and celebrates our kid’s education. There is a free mini-gospel concert, a barbeque cookout with free refreshments, an inspirational message from an array of local community leaders, and a brief gospel message from a key local Pastor (they may have taken prayer out of school but that doesn’t stop us from praying anyway). We have a cadet of healthcare providers who provide a number of free healthcare screenings. In addition, with the help of our sponsors and supporters, we provide free fun and games activities, including bounces and other fun-filled activities. Yes, they have taken prayer out of school but we pray for them before they go to school!

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