ABBA Annual Thanksgiving Food Basket Drive

ABBA Leadership Center host an annual Thanksgiving Food Basket Drive

For many of us thanksgiving is one of our most coveted holiday seasons; a time to bring our families and loved ones together, and a time to reaffirm family-hood. And yes, Nassau County is a beautiful, mostly middle class community, with all of its immaculate manicured lawns and tree-lined streets, one would be hard pressed to believe that right in the middle of our abundances there are people  going hungry, not knowing where their next meal will come from; for them thanksgiving is a time of quiet desperation.  To combat this, for the last 10-plus years, ABBA Leadership Center, in partnership with local churches, businesses and likeminded people, has given away hundred of Thanksgiving baskets replete with a turkey and enough side dishes to feed an average family of four.

abbaleadershipABBA Annual Thanksgiving Food Basket Drive