ABBA Back-to-School Backpack Celebration

ABBA Leadership Center Annual Back-to-School Backpack Celebration for poverty stricken children. The purpose of ABBA’s Annual back-to-School backpack drive is to highlight the importance of an education. We target low-income children of struggling families within the Village of Hempstead and its surrounding communities of Roosevelt, Freeport, Westbury, Uniondale, and Baldwin. We are again asking for your support to provide up to 1000 at-risk children and youth with free backpacks and school supplies.

Once a year ABBA Leadership Center and its many partnering churches and community-based organizations provide up to 1000 children free backpacks filled with school supplies. We also provide a free barbecue and other refreshments. We invite community leaders to join us to send our children back to school with tangible support and encouraging words. There will be live entertainment by gospel artists and other forms of wholesome entertainment.

abbaleadershipABBA Back-to-School Backpack Celebration