ABBA Leadership Center Annual Gift/Toy Drive

ABBA Leadership Center Annual gift/toy Drive:   Christmas is the most excitedly anticipated time of the year, yet for many children living low-income impoverished communities of Nassau County there is only trepidation, sadness and anxiety. They feel unless there is a miracle they will not experience the joy and happiness that usually fill the Christmas Holyday days. Sadly, there are many fatherless children from low-income/poor hurting communities far less excited than many of us are. They are children that spend year after year idly languishing near melancholy stained windowpanes, praying that God won’t forget them this Christmas year.
For over a decade now ABBA and friends have been a small ray hope for these children through our Annual Christmas Gifts Drive.
More importantly, we want them to know that they are not forgotten, that God heard their prayers.

The question is “Will you help us help hurting children by providing a Christmas toy that will brighten their day?”


abbaleadershipABBA Leadership Center Annual Gift/Toy Drive