Job Readiness Training

One of the primary goals of the office of the United States Attorney General is to assist local, state, and tribal efforts to reduce recidivism. This program is to “implement re-entry strategies that will ensure the safety of the community and the reduction of revocation by serious and violent criminals”.

The focus of the recidivism reduction strategy is fourfold:

  1. Pre-release transitional needs assessment planning;
  2. Job readiness work experience training;
  3. Employment referrals life skills job retention training and follow up;
  4. Peer group meetings and one-on-one Coach/Mentoring.

The Able Body of Believers Alliance (ABBA) proposes the design, implementation and assessment of our re-entry program of services delivered by staff and volunteer mentors directly affiliated with the ABBA. Our aftercare/re-entry component will serve as an extension to our comprehensive approach to helping at-risk youth and young adults who have been incarcerated by providing services commencing in jail or prison and continuing upon release to home and community. We are currently submitting this proposal requesting funds to provide direct services to incarcerated youth and young adults re-entering Nassau County including, but not to, Hempstead, Freeport, Westbury, Roosevelt and Uniondale.

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