Peace in the Streets

On Saturday, October 29, 2016, ABBA Leadership Center, in partnership with Bethlehem of Judea Church, the “Peace the Streets” initiative and a host of community-based organizations and local churches, will host an all-day men’s conference for men living in the Village of Hempstead. The purpose of this conference is to address the issue of violence and the social dysfunction of men in and around the village of Hempstead. Our goal is to train, equip and motivate a Gideon-like army (Judges 7:7) of men to address the anger and violence that’s plaguing and paralyzing our communities.

It is our hope that this conference will have a catalytic impact that will drive men to transform neighborhoods and communities from apathy and despair to renewed hope, reconciliation and restoration.

This conference will outline a clear path for the restoration of our neighborhoods, the rebuilding of our communities, a transformative renewed sense of personhood and the reinstitution of family-hood. Neighbors will again help neighbors and children will once again become a part of a community of families. The bible says the Lord will restore the years the locust has eaten and he will never again put his people to shame; “he will pour out his spirit on all people, and our sons and daughters will speak of a future of hope, and old men shall once again dream dreams.”

A series of workshops will be held throughout the day dealing with issues specific to men such as the lack of fatherhood in communities of color, racial disparity in the criminal justice system, conflict resolution, Peace in the Streets initiative and many more.

This conference will culminate with a fellowship dinner and an opportunity to break bread, where men will make a public declaration to seek reconciliation between one another, and work to “transform their communities from a jingling discord of hopelessness and despair’ to a renewed sense of hope and community-hood (Yes, I coined a few phrases from our historical civil rights leader, MLK).

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